Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Epic" eats on State Street

"A More Mindful Burger"

Epic Burger at 517 South State St. will satisfy your craving for a nice juicy burger and crispy french fries without compromising your desire to eat healthier.

Hormone-free cows

The hamburgers at Epic burger are cooked fresh and their ground chuck is hormone and antibiotic free. According to their "Epic Rules," their beef is fed "a strict vegetarian diet." All hamburgers are served well done, but don't worry about hockey puck burgers here. They're juicy, flavorful, and worth checking out. We especially liked the turkey burger. Just like its beefy cousin, it too is juicy and flavorful. We also liked the portabella mushroom sandwich, available with several toppings. The fresh cut fries are cooked in trans fat free oil and seasoned with sea salt. Epic's fries are fine on their own, but feel free to add some organic ketchup or mustard.

Healthy snacks, beverages and desserts
In addition to their burgers and sandwiches, Epic offers natural shakes and malts and real fruit smoothies. For an extra $.99 you can add a protein powder boost. Additional beverages include fountain drinks, bottled teas, sodas, and energy drinks.

Epic eats, not epic prices

A burger and fries will set you back just under $8.00. An order of fries is large enough to split between two people. You'll save a few coins and still be satisfied; we promise.

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