Monday, August 23, 2010

When is Donna's Cafe Opening? Soon We Hope.

It All Depends on What "Soon" Means
In the window of 1255E S. State St., is a sign that reads "Donna's Cafe Coming Soon!" Well, that sign has been there since at least June. Doesn't Donna know that it isn't fair to tease us so? Anytime we see or hear an announcement about a new place opening up, we get excited. I mean, how long was A' Cappela Bistro at 1301 S. Michigan "opening soon?"

How soon is "coming soon?"

Pita Corner Coming in August?
WineStyles is gone, but next door to it at 1250 S. Michigan Ave. there is a sign that says Pita Corner is opening in "August." With August practically over, one wonders if they mean August 2010? Again, it's not nice to tease us folks in the South Loop.

If anyone has some inside information on either Donna's Cafe and/or Pita Corner, please send us a message. Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I heard (from Donna herself!) that they're aiming to open in October.
    (See comments:

  2. Thanks, Eartha. Hope she's on schedule.


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