Saturday, June 9, 2012

Costco Opens June 28, 2012

Costco Mania! 

Most popular post in South Loop Connection History

When we first published a post—way back in January 13, 2011—on Costco opening in our area, interest was through the roof. With the grand opening this month, “Costco Coming to Chicago” jumped to the top of the top-10 read posts. More people have read the post (over 6,000 reads!?) on Costco opening in the South Loop at 1430 S. Ashland Ave., than any other in the history of South Loop Connection.

Will you be there on opening day? We just might.


  1. ME! I can't wait til it opens!

  2. We're all pretty excited. The original post is still generating hits daily! Must be coming up in Google searches or something.


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